AJUSA, new oficial supplier of A1 Motor Stores in UK


AJUSA will play an active role within A1, aiming to provide its members with the widest gasket and turbo components range available, combined with the best service possible. 


AJUSA have partnered with A1 Motor Stores as an official supplier. A1 Motor Stores is one of the strongest purchasing groups in the UK. A1 members will be able to benefit from extensive rangetechnical expertise and competitive portfolio of AJUSA products


Managing director of AJUSA, Ashly Esteban De La Rosa had the following to say: "This agreement is an exciting new venture that can only bring positive results. We truly believe this is the beginning of a solid and fruitful relationship". "Since our launch in January 2016 AJUSA UK has had a continuous and successful growth within the UK market, having already become market leaders in product lines such as oil feed pipes. Our OE quality products, extensive coverage and exceptional service are key features that have helped gain the markets trust. The future is bright, and we envisage a substantial growth during 2018, continuing to consolidate AJUSA UK as an Aftermarket leader".




About A1 Motor Stores 

The strength of A1 Motor Stores lies in its combined membership. By pooling purchasing power, knowledge and expertise, it is able to provide valuable support to the independent.

A1 has continually grown since its formation in 1983. Initially a marketing group, it has now become a fully-fledged buying and distribution group encompassing independent retailers and motor factors alike.

Being totally owned by its membership, all activities are directed towards improving members’ profitability, cash flow and raising their profile both locally and nationally.


About AJUSA 

AJUSA is a leading manufacturer of OE-Quality head gaskets, gasket sets and other engine components. It also offers the widest range of turbo oil feed pipes and fitting kits on the market. In addition, as an aftermarket leader and specialist, AJUSA has the most comprehensive multimedia resources, including ’real life’ images of every single component, over 800 fitting videos and hundreds of ’technical/assembly tips’ PDFs to assist A1 members and end users. 





AJUSA, the Leading Oil Feed Pipe Manufacturer 

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