AJUSA will introduce in MIMS Automechanika its line of turbocharger oil feed pipes


The International Exhibition of Automotive Parts, Components, Car Maintenance Equipment and Products is celebrated in Moscow from 21 to 24 of AugustAJUSA will be in stand F421, located in the Forum Pavilion at Expocenter. 

AJUSA will be present for the fifteenth time at Russian fair of MIMS, the most recognized of the automotive sector in Russia. The main novelty in 2017 edition is that the Spanish company will show for the first time its line of turbocharger oil feed pipes to interested partners and visitors. The AJUSA stand (F421) will be located in the central part of Forum pavilion.


AJUSA aims at MIMS Automechanika Moscow to convey its commitment to all stakeholders in the sector and show from its traditional product line up to the most recent such as oil feed pipes. A new opportunity to continue growing; currently the most demanded products in the Russian market are the cylinder head gasket and the rocker cover gasket.


AJUSA Russia

AJUSA’s branch in Russia has been operational since 2001 and has made AJUSA a well-established and  brand among the professionals of this country. His delegate, Adrián Domínguez, comments the growth of the company in the Russian market. "In the last years we have made a great effort of geographic expansion in a country of the dimensions of Russia. Currently, our products can be found in all regions of the country, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok and from Murmansk to Volgograd." AJUSA Russia has a consolidated team and a 750 sq.m. warehouse, which allows us to offer local partners a wide range of products from the catalog.


The AJUSA catalog has more than 100,000 references of gaskets and gaskets sets, 537 sets of cylinder head bolts, 190 hydraulic lifters and 1,568 camshafts. In addition, it has its own catalog of turbo components in which it offers more than 846 references. The oil feed pipes product line already includes more than 823 references.

                                                            Ajusa’s stand at MISM.

Russian market

The growth of the car park in Russia has facilitated the consolidation of AJUSA in this country. Between 2003 and 2014 there was the settlement of the main Automotive manufacturers and Russia experienced a great growth in the car park. Almost 3 million new vehicles were sold in a few years. The service to all this volume of automobiles has required a regional expansion of the distributors, an improvement in the supply chain in the professionalization of the workshops.



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