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142791, Москва, п. Воскресенское, пос. Воскресенское, д. 66, а/я 1890

Тел +7(499) 608-06-81 / +7(916) 060-07-24

Контактное лицо info@ajusa.ru
Web: www.ajusa.ru
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Something is happening in this garage
Without revealing yet nothing, we invite you to give us your opinion about this video shot in a garage…

Ajusa receives the seal of Innovative SME (Pyme Innovadora)

Ajusa has received a new certification which is a recognition of its innovative capacity and spirit. Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness awarded to Ajusa the Innovative SME Certification, a differentiated element which reflects the firm commitment of Ajusa to Research, Development and Innovation.